Weave/Hair Extension Services in Cary/Morrisville Area

Hair Weaving / Extensions

Custom Black Weaving Net

Protects your hair from breakage You can create a custom install Saves time Creates a full install that requires 3 or more bundles
  Starting at $25.00

Full Hair Weave Removal Service

Cut threats and remove hair Extensions, comb out and detangle your braids, shampoo, condition, blow dry, rebraid the hair for a new weave install or a flat iron style. Ladies remember, just because you are sporting a hair weave doesn't mean you shouldn't shampoo your hair. Sweat, pollution, product build-up, and dandruff can get trapped on the braids underneath the weave, which can cause odor and also that dreaded itchy weave syndrome.
  Starting at $90.00

3/4 Sewn-in Weave Installation

The front perimeter and parting area will be left out for coverage. The process usually requires two bundles of hair, if the client would like to use 3 or more bundles, there will be an up-charge if $75.00 for each extra bundle added.

Hair Weave Removal For Individual Tracks

Hair weave removal service varies with the number of tracks sewn-in. Price starts at $10.00 to $50.00
  Starting at $20.00

Partial Weave Removal


Style Cut for Hair Weave or Style Cut for Wigs

Detailed hair cutting.

Full Weave Clip-On Placement Hair Service

  Starting at $40.00

Permanent Dark Hair Color For Human Weaving Hair

Using Bundles of Virgin hair for color gives the best result.
  Starting at $70.00

Full Bleach Application for Weaving Hair

Virgin hair gives the best result for lightning the 100% human hair.
  Starting at $130.00

Partial Sew-in Weave

A partial sew in is pretty self-explanatory. It does not cover the entire head, instead, it covers basically half of the head from ear to ear, down, and a little bit above the ears on the sides. 4 ounces = A half head of extensions (to add body or length) SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER NOT INCLUDED. SHAPING OR CUTTING IS A EXTRA COST.

Custom Partial Hair Weave for Female Pattern Baldness or Naturally Thinning

As always, I provide you with my personal service for creating the perfect custom hair replacement system or extensions to ensure the best look and fit.
  Starting at $230.00

Hair Weave Maintenance Deep Wave Texture/No Heating Style

Up to 4 Individual Weaving Tracks.

Hair Weave Maintenance: Shampoo/ Condition & Style 2 to 3 Individual Tracks

One of the biggest issues for any weave client is how to keep your weave looking good. Maintaining a great standard of hair care eliminates ruining your weave. If it’s not maintained it can be smelly due to lack of washing, product build-up, and straightening with hot tools leaves a burned scent. Bacteria build-up can reduce hair growth. If you desire to keep your weave looking good, I will take good care of you.

Dudley's Scalp & Skin Antiseptic Treatment

Dandruff treatment removes odor-causing bacteria, excess oils, and helps control dandruff. has clove oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and camphor oil.
  Starting at $10.00

3/4 Hair Weave w/ Protective Net Maintenance Service

16 - 24 inches requires more shampooing, conditioning and drying time.

Hair Weave Maintenance: Shampoo/ Condition & Style 2 to 3 Bundle Sew-Ins

This price is for clients that has 1 to 2 Bundles of 100% human hair, 10-15 inches.

Hair Weave Maintenance Service for Extra Long Hair

Extra-long hair requires extra attention and time. This service is for a client that has 2 bundles 22 -30 inches.

Professional Weave Repair Service

Adding more hair tracks or tighten up.
  Starting at $45.00

2 Sew-in Tracks

Shaping or cutting the hair to blend into your natural hair is extra cost.
  Starting at $80.00

Full Weave Installation With two Bundles *100% Human Hair Only

Clients must provide their own 100% human hair. The cost for this full weave installation service is for 2 Bundles only. Closure piece or frontal piece is an extra fee of $40.00. Three or more bundles will cost $75.00 for each extra bundle added. SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER NOT INCLUDED. SHAPING OR CUTTING IS A EXTRA COST.

Lace Frontal Sew-In *No Hair Out ( Add-On Service)

  Starting at $30.00

Wig (Non-Lace) Sewn

  Starting at $140.00