Hair Coloring Services in Cary/Morrisville Area

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Hair Color Consultation


Strand Test Before Color

The strand test helps you to determine the final color result so there are no surprises when you dye your full head of hair. It also allows you to test for any allergic reaction you may have to the ingredients in the dye. Wait another 24 hours after your strand dries to determine the results of the test. This will allow any allergic reactions to fully develop, and let you observe the color of the dyed strand in different lights and get used to the color.

Stand-Alone Color Services


Back To Natural Full Permanent Hair Color

Full coverage for gray hair or multi-color correction.

Retouch Permanent Hair color

Permanent color Is the process of using a dye or tint to change the color of your hair to cover up the grey, or for cosmetically enhancing your hair.

Full Ombre Permanent Color

Hair color fading from dark to light or vice versa (shadow or shade).

Partial Bleach with a High Fashion Toner


Dudley's Full Semi-Permanent Color Boost Entire Head


Influence Blank Clear Semi- permanent Hair Color

Gives your hair a natural shine.

Dudley's / Influence Retouch Semi-Permanent Color

"Dudley or Influence" temporary or vegetable hair color. Client is placed under a warm dryer to process color for 25 minutes. Long hair is a extra $10.00 per oz.
  Starting at $43.00

Front Hairline Demi-Permanent Color (Ear to Ear)

Vero K-PAK's permanent crème color is an ammonia-free, demi-permanent formula that lasts between four to eight weeks.

Full Outer Hairline Color Retouch

Joico/ Demi-Permanent or Permanent Color The application starts at the hairline and goes back "2" inches towards the center section of your hair.

Partial Demi-Permanent or Permanent Hair Color

This application starts start at the front hair line up to the crown section.

Joico Vero K-Pac Demi-Permanent Retouch Color

Vero K-PAK demi-permanent crème color is an ammonia-free, demi-permanent formula that lasts between four to eight weeks. This service is a six week retouch application only.

Face Framing Highlights

Highlights placed around your face is an easy way to brighten up your look for the upcoming fall season.

Bleaching Full Head

Long hair extra cost.

All Natural Hair Color

  Starting at $76.00

Color and Haircut

All over permanent or demi-permanent color and basic trim haircut service. Hot work will not be included.
  Starting at $70.00

Color and Blow-Dry

Mid-Length Permanent Hair Color and flat iron style

Color and Flat/Curling Iron

Long-length permanent or demi permanent color retouch , moisture conditioner blow dry and flatiron.

Color and Thermal Press

Short hair Demi-Permanent color, moisturizing conditioner, blow dry, pressed, or flatiron and styled.

Foil Highlights with Permanent Hair Color

The hairstyle will not be included
  Starting at $90.00

Highlight w/ Foil Cap

House Call
  Starting at $70.00

Low lights w/ Foil Cap

  Starting at $80.00

Color, Full Highlight and Haircut

All over permanent color or bleach highlights, treatment and styled
  Starting at $170.00

Color and Full Highlight

All over permanent bleach highlights.
  Starting at $145.00

Color and Partial Highlight

All over permanent or semi-permanent color with partial-Halo highlights covering approximately 1/2 of the head.
  Starting at $94.00

Color Correction

Corrective service to fix hair color tone
  Starting at $130.00